Last Update: July 2019KriptoWeb Return Policy

The return and exchange conditions for products purchased via KRİPTOWEB (kriptoweb.com) are subject to the following terms and procedures in accordance with the sales contract concluded with the final owner of the product in electronic form.

Return Policy

  • 1. Not having started the service
  • 2. The return of the requested product to another consumer by the same quality and quantity
  • 3. The return request must be notified in writing to KRİPTOWEB by the final owner of the product within 30 (thirty) calendar days following the purchase.
  • 4. In the last 1 (one) year, the final owner of the product for the other products belonging to the same product and / or product group does not have a previously requested return request.

Non-refundable products

Products that cannot be returned due to the commencement of service performance and / or reshipment to another consumer after return are not listed in the same quality and quantity.

  • 1. Domain
  • 2. Consultancy and consulting services
  • 3. All kinds of technical support services
  • 4. Products acquired by any third party supply
  • 5. All kinds of free services and / or products
  • 6. Installed or activated SSL certificates
  • 7. All promotional services and / or products

Return Policy

KRİPTOWEB, in the event that the conditions of return described above are met for the products described above, the following return procedures shall be applied within 15 (fifteen) working days following the final consumer demand, subject to the following procedures and rules.

Cash Returns:

For the product requested to be returned, the product shall be performed in accordance with the final consumer requirements and / or for any technical services that require additional specializations or filed interventions and / or expertise required by the final consumer, additional to the leanness of the product at the time of first sale and Technical support, non-refundable technical support as a result of sudden performance, cargo, bank commission and other operational costs declared by KRİPTOWEB shall be deducted from the price collected at the time of sale of the service and / or product and returned to the right holder in cash. For any reason whatsoever, it is not possible to return the cash equivalent of the free service or the discounts received from the products or private and / or public campaigns.

Returned as Shopping Credits:

After the deduction of the sales prices for the products or services requested for the return of the products or services as a purchase credit for the purchase of the product or service, and if there is no other interruption of the cargo and other third party costs, the final consumer in favor of the final consumer, the sale of the product or the service price It is not possible to recall and / or demand the amounts in the purchase credit accounts in cash by the final consumer.

Transmission request to KRİPTOWEB

Refund requests must be made within 30 (thirty) calendar days of purchase;

  • 1. Product / service subject to refund
  • 2. Reason (if any)
  • 3. Requested refund (cash or shopping credit)

returns@kriptoweb.com. Any extradition request outside the relevant communication channel and without complying with the requirements contained in this article shall not be processed.

Installment purchases, credit card campaign and points usage, gift voucher and third party discount procedures

Gift vouchers and no matter what, no refund is possible for a discount application and can not be requested. The points used on credit cards and credit cards cannot be refunded. Applications related to credit cards may vary according to banks and financial institutions.

The procedure to be applied in foreign currency transactions

KRİPTOWEB will trade in the amount of TRL (Turkish Lira) it collects at the time of purchase in the return transactions, regardless of the currency in which it sells its products and services.

Rejection request

KRİPTOWEB has the right to refuse requests that do not comply with the previously announced return policies.

Refund from the request for refund

The final consumer has the right to withdraw from the claim until the return is made.

Right to dispute and appeal

Subject to the right of appeal to final consumers, the KRİPTOWEB return policy will be governed by the laws of the country in which the KRİPTOWEB is established and the operation of legal sanctions will be exercised by the courts established in that country.


These return policies are tied to KRİPTOWEB and to individuals and / or entities that are final consumers in front of its products and services; it accepts this declaration and its principles in advance.